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Welcome to zzDarkness Falls (1st Edition ADnD)

06:33, 20th July 2024 (GMT+0)

zzDarkness Falls (1st Edition ADnD)

This is a game about the dark underside of society. It is a First Edition ADnD game and I would request that you do not RTJ without knowing the system, being at least 30 years of age and capable of making good posts while playing the character as you have written him or her.

I expect:
Four or more posts per week
Good grammar and spelling
Courtesy towards other players and GM's
No god-modding or arguing the rules

I reserve the right to reject any RTJ for any reason. There are far too many RTJs in which the respondent has not read anything, the name of the game just sounds "cool". There's nothing wrong with that, but please don't RTJ here.