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Welcome to Heroes Reborn (The Dark Age)

17:31, 18th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Heroes Reborn (The Dark Age)

This is the continuation of the smash hit RPOL Game Age of Heroes.

Unlike many superhero games and fiction AGE OF HEROES ended in tragedy.

The dormant war between The North & South American empires was briefly reignited.  The bad guys managed to win the day and trap the heroes in a quarantine zone preventing them from doing anything to halt their diabolical plan.  The Factor's criminal empire runs un-opposed into the future as Galaxy City is plunged into darkness and corruption.

A brief history:

 In 2025  Psychic Insurgents staged a Coup in North Korea and started WWIII when they attacked the United States of America.
Towards the end of the war, members of the global population began to exhibit Meta-physical abilities and mutations never seen before outside the pages of comic books and pop media.
Many governments were toppled or reformed.

35 years after the war Super Powers have become mainstream (as has the study of magic).  "Super-justice" classes are offered at local community colleges. Government registration for powered individuals is in effect. Those who fail to register soon find themselves residing in huge, new, privately contracted super-jails. Superheroes have replaced film stars and sports heroes in popular media.

Individual cities each start having their own super teams, and a league was started pitting super powered teams against each other.

In 2040 NYC is renamed Galaxy City in honor of their new team The Galaxy City Avengers.

By 2070 the Galaxy City Avengers (GCA) is rocked in scandal's and controversy.  They are disbanded in 2072 and reformed with all new memeber.

The year now is 2075 and the new team has found themselves in a similar situation.
Former team leader Victorious has gone rogue.
The GCA is responsible for a massive explosion that wiped out parts of lower Manhattan and killed 90% of the cities Police and Rescue workers.
The Mayor has established Marshal Law and the National Guard has been sent in to keep order.


Needing New blood to fill their dwindling ranks, the GCA is recruiting new members.