• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • This game contains mature content.
Serpents Skull (PF)
You are a passenger on the Sargavan merchant trader Jenivere heading to the city of Eleder in Sargavan.  Captain Alizandru Kovack, First Mate Alton Devers, and the crew have run a taunt ship and the voyage has been uneventful.  There are several other passengers (who will be detailed later) who sit down for an evening meal, 1 of the last planned meals as you near your destination....everything is dark and silent. Then, sensation begins to creep back in—the feel of sand below and of something wet lapping at your feet, the sound of ocean waves washing against a beach, and a heavy pressure over your legs. Then, suddenly, you feel a searing pain in one foot...

   You have been shipwrecked on a tropical island with the other passengers and must survive.  This is a survival scenario, so there is no store.  Equipment will be what you have or can find.  The environment is a harsh and unforgiving place, plan accordingly.