• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Apocalyptic & Action/Adventure genres.
  • The game system is d20 Modern.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
...Ain't That a Kick in the Head (d20 Modern & P.A.)
We all know that despite all best efforts to the contrary, life carried on after the scourge of nuclear fire. Some places even managed to not only survive, but thrive in the harsh reality of a world changed not by the slow, meticulous nature of evolution, but in a decidedly blunt, forceful, blink of an eye. In the southwest corner of what was once Utah is one such place. St. George was too insignificant to have been annihilated and too remote to be of concern.

This candle flicker of light in an otherwise pit of empty blackness forged its own path forward. Aided by relics of the past, St. George was able to avoid being engulfed by the gluttonous New California Republic as well as the terror of an invading Caesar and his legion.

However the defeat of both the NCR and Legion at the hands of the enigmatic Mr. House and the Courier at Hoover Dam acted as a catalyst, a small gust of wind that threatened to snuff out the flickering candle. Those that claw and scrape out their meager existence in St. George and the surrounding region are about to learn the only truth that matters in the wasteland.

War... War never changes.