• This game is under the Frontier/Western genre.
  • The game system is Free-form SANDBOX.
  • This game contains adult content.
Once Upon a Time in El Paso - [Adult Freeform Western]

The year is 1880, the civil war is long in the past and many of the once young men who fought in it have travelled to the boom towns of west with the promise of riches in mind. One such town is El Paso, a small town on the north side of the Rio Grande, the natural border to Mexico.

Although El Paso is small, recent developments have caused a considerable heightening in the value of land in the area. The Southern Pacific Railroad Company is heading in from the west to connect El Paso with its line from California. This news has brought with it a struggle for land ownership with men competing for the potential riches they could gain from a town about to sit on a major rail route.

While some wage war for the land with money others have bought the services of gunfighters and outlaws to gain the land with more criminal methods. This has put extra strain on what little lawmen there are in the area and forced the authorities to attract bounty hunters by putting prices on the heads of their wanted criminals.

With all of these elements combined the town of El Paso has become a dangerous place. The townsfolk have found their town overrun with Gunslingers, Bounty Hunters and Shrewd Businessmen.

This is currently a very heavy sandbox game, with Occasional GM events going on. So it is very important to PM other players/GM's to help get yourself involved in plotlines and stories if you are unsure where to jump into the game. :)

You do not have to participate in any events, you are free to write your own tale with a partner! :)

If you need threads created or Npc's to run yourself, in order to tell your tale, then please let a GM know or PM a likely Player.