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Welcome To Boston

This is a fun, fast paced game set in the city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Located on the Atlantic coast, many consider Boston the heart of New England. It is a vibrant city with multiple Universities, active arts forums, a busy financial district and a historical center. If the hustle and bustle of a busy city isn't for you then it's only a short drive to the beach or the heart of the rural countryside.

With a population of over 600,000 in the city itself and over 4.5 million people who call the Greater Boston area home Boson is the tenth largest city in the USA.

Home to the Red Sox, MIT and everything inbetween this is a city that offers something for everyone, and that is home to people from every walk of life.

Boston is a fast paced and active freeform game set in, unsurprisingly, the city of Boston.

It is a realistic look at everyday life in this contemporary city.

Given Boston's diverse nature a wide variety of characters are welcome, the current cast includes:

David Bishop - Computer expert
Isabella - Super model turned entrepreneur
Kennedy Ennis - Movie producer/business woman
Samantha Dessen - Lawyer
Brian Davis - Consultant
Dawn Getty - New in Town
Nick Kozos - New in Town
Brooke Munroe - Party Girl
Ricki Kapuchin - PI
Patrick Higgins - New in Town

There's always plenty of space for more though, so if you have a character who you think could have fun in Boston then come on down to join our cast of talented and creative writers!

This is a sandbox game, so active players with plots they wish to explore are encouraged to come explore them in this active and dynamic environment.

Please read the rules and the RTJ information before submitting a character.
The GM's will be happy to discuss ideas and offer any support they can.

This game is rated ADULT. All players must be over eighteen and of legal age to veiw adult material. All RTJ's must contain a statement to that effect, as per the RPoL ToU's.