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Welcome to A House of Stone and Light (WFRP2)

07:18, 15th June 2024 (GMT+0)

A House of Stone and Light (WFRP2)

This is a dark age, a bloody age, an age of darkness and sorcery.  It is an age of battle and death, and of the world's ending.  Amidst all the fire, flame and fury it is a time, too, of mighty heroes, of bold deeds and great courage.

At the heart of the Old World sprawls the Empire, the largest and most powerful of the human realms.  Known for its engineers, sorcerers, traders and soldiers, it is a land of great mountains, mighty rivers, dark forests and vast cities.  And from his throne in Altdorf reigns the Emperor Karl Franz, sacred descendant of the founder of these lands, Sigmar, and wielder of his magical warhammer.

But these are far from civilized times.  Across the length and breadth of the Old World, from the knightly palaces of Bretonnia to the ice-bound Kislev in the far north, come the rumblings of war.  In the towering Worlds Edge Mountains, the ork tribes are gathering for another assault.  Bandits and renegades harry the wild southern lands of the Border Princes.  There are rumors of rat-things, the skaven, emerging from the sewers and swamps across the land.  And from the northern wilderness there is the ever present threat of Chaos, of daemons and beastmen corrupted by the foul powers of the Dark Gods.  As the time of battle draws ever nearer, the Empire needs heroes like never before.


Set in the fantasy World of Warhammer, this campaign is intended to be long running and I intend to run it with 4-5 players at any one time.  Experienced players within the system are preferable, as are those who enjoy roleplay as well as the ever vicious combat in this system.  Please come on in, have a look around and don't mind the screaming.