• This game is under the Sci-Fi genre.
  • The game system is Savage Worlds.
Savage Robotech: Armored Recon
Welcome to Savage Robotech: Armored Recon

Above and Beyond
While the nearly five million ship Zentraedi armada was defeated, it was not destroyed. Many ships crashed on the planetís surface leaving fully armed Zentraedi roaming about seeking to pursue their mission of human destruction to the bitter end. Many more ships scattered into the solar system. Emboldened by the sacrifice of Khyron and Azonia and unable to return to their masters as failures these Zentraedi vessels represent a significant risk to Earthís recovery. No longer united by a central command they roam the solar system in small groups usually led by a powerful warlord. This lack of unity makes for many different motivations among these warlords. Some want to continue the fight against humanity, others seek to reunite the Zentraedi under their command, and still others are seeking the necessary protoculture to space fold home to their masters and return with a new fleet to finish the job.

Unfortunately, the UEDF space navy was decimated after the first Robotech war and they lack the capacity to properly pursue the remnant Zentraedi ships. However, Commander Breetai, whose forces sided with humanity in the final battle for Earth, maintains a small fleet of vessels and aided the United Earth Government in recovering a Robotech factory to begin production of a new space fleet centered around an improved battle fortress, the SDF-3. Until that fleet is ready a way to buy time and contain the rogue Zentraedi ships needed to be found.

Space Expeditionary Reconnaissance Force

With help from Breetai a number of Zentraedi vessels have been recovered and retrofitted to defend and patrol the solar system. While larger ships are generally held back in reserve a number of small well equipped craft are regularly sent on patrol into hot spots throughout the system. Operating semi-independently from command well out into the reaches of the system these UEDF personnel are at the front edge of Earthís defenders making choices everyday that could affect humanityís survival. Further, new ships come online every few months

Your hero is a member of this expeditionary force assigned to one of the nine Banshee Class Cruisers that patrol, investigate, scrounge, and fight for a better future for humanity.