• This game is under the Fantasy, Sci-Fi & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is Free-form (GM moderated).
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Beyond Dreams, Steam & Magic
Beyond Dreams, Steam & Magic

Concept: Fantasy steampunk set in a unique world and following the lives of the crew and passengers of an airship.
Genre: Fantasy, Steampunk
Adult: YES
Game Style: Guided Sandbox
Gaming System: Freeform
Posting Rate: Minimum twice per week.
Number of PCs Currently: 8
Number of PCs Desired: Unlimited

This game is adult rated and therefore may contain nudity, sexual themes, violence, strong language and ideologically sensitive material. You have been warned.

Players in this game must be 18 years old or older. Please note, you will not be forced to write out any erotic scenes if you are uncomfortable with it. Just fade to black. Erotic scenes are NOT MANDATORY! Please ensure that your partner knows of your preference as well.

This is a game for mature writers and those interested and serious will have a place here. It is not primarily an Erotic Roleplay Game, but may and probably will contain erotic scenes (within RPOL policies).

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The Kingdoms of Steam and Magic

This is an original Steampunk fantasy set in a mythical world of nine kingdoms. Many races, limited magic, and very specific technologies all coexist in a world full of travelling airships.

You might be a dwarf merchant from Khauvit in the Kingdom of Fire, a disgraced prince from an elven family, or an air pirate down on his luck, looking for adventure.

The GMs will help explain details of the land and its history. Establish and explore relationships of all kinds -- you know what I mean -- with other players and GM-managed characters. Your imagination will combine with the ideas of the GM and other players to weave a rich tapestry of unexpected sights and experiences.

The game is guided freeform, with shared goals developed in collaboration with other players.

We're assembling a cadre of players with vivid imaginations that know no bounds, to create a memorable shared experience. Join us!

The world has direct influences of the Gai Shift world by a writer named Rohana, who writes erotic stories (http://rohana12000.deviantart.com/). That means that a large part of the world-content is erotic in nature, like some of the everyday items and some of the races too.

It is a steampunk world that contains electricity, enhanced steampower and certain forms of magic/alchemy, but is largely set in a feudalistic environment with Emperors, Empresses, Patricians, Kings and Queens...

The Wandering Star is hiring brave men and women to join its crew. Travel the world and see strange and exotic peoples and places. Come Join us!

Need passage to another land? Have something you need transporting? Just want to travel the world? Fleeing a bounty hunter? Crossed the wrong noble? Want to escape your overbearing family? The Wandering Star may be just what you need. Outfitted with several good to great rooms, as well as economy bunks, and entertainment and recreational facilities, the Wandering to make your journey as a passenger highly enjoyable.

Current Location: Babili Airship Harbour (Land of Books)
Destination: Kumo (Land of Winds)

Current Crew roster

Captain - Miyu Ying
Climaxteria Mistress - Isabella Auralis
First Officer - Kessar Cindull
Security  - ?
Senior Pilot - Einar Ulrikson
Trainee Pilot - Hroth
Senior Engineer - Malek Duhann
Mechanic - Tinkerbelle Tonkin
Staff - ?
Ship's Doctor Mixxilikku Doragus
Ship's Cook - Travis Bello
Ship's Cabin Boy - Peter Mayhue


Lilly Aishlinn
Melissa Honeymeade
--Open for at least 2 more


The Gypsy Rose Troupe
          -Nalida Cervenak
          -Adilan Cervenak
          -Herly Blackmaw
          -Kristof Blackmaw
          -So Yi
          -Jesse Tonivia
    --Open for more, max total being 20

Passenger Manifest

**If you have a position in mind that is not listed here, please, pass it on to the GM and we will look it all over.

GM Time Zone / Posting Frequency

Spyder: MST - Every other day
Mimic MST - Every other day

Players Wanted

Airship crew and passengers. Also, anyone wanting to play someone in any of the nine kingdoms.