• This game is under the Fantasy, Horror & Frontier/Western genres.
  • The game system is Savage Worlds.
  • This game contains mature content.
Sixguns & Spellslingers: The Last Sons [Deadlands: Reloaded]

The year is 1880, but the history is not our own.

After almost two decades of bitter fighting, the American Civil War has ground to a halt. The Confederate States celebrate their independence. California has fallen into the sea, and the City of Lost Angels was just drowned again. Rail Barons fought a bloody war to build a transcontinental railroad, and though the rail is finished, the fighting is worse than ever. A superfuel called Ghost Rock advances technology by unpredictable leaps and dangerous bounds. The Sioux have retaken the Dakotas and the Coyote Confederation dances the Ghost Dance on the High Plains.

There are whispers of trouble in this new era. Some claim the dead walk. Others claim horrors dragged from the pits of humanity's nightmares now stalk the lonely frontier towns of the west.

The treaty city of Deadwood lies smack dab in in the middle of the Sioux Nation. It's a city on the edge. Over a third of the population makes its living from saloons, gambling, or prostitution. The knowledge that the Sioux could decide to wipe out the entire town at any time lurks in the back of every inhabitant's mind, encouraging a philosophy of "eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die." The fortunes being made in the hills around the town are spent or gambled away almost as fast as they are acquired.

But now that fragile balance is threatened. Tensions between the white man and the Sioux, never good, have been strained to the breaking point by a series of ghastly murders. The armies of the Union, no longer engaged in war with the Confederacy, turns to retake the Indian nation that was carved out of it's lands.

War is coming to the Dakotas.

The cult of Raven is stirring this pot, and when it boils over, Deadwood will be drowned in blood. But there is hope. A new movement, the Ghost Dance, is growing among the Sioux. The Ravenites will stop at nothing to stamp this fragile hope into the ground, but a small group of unlikely heroes may yet provide the key to stopping The Last Sons once and for all...