• This game is under the Ancient & Comedy genres.
  • This game contains mature content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Rise Of The Ren Dynasty

When China's last dynasty fell, along with it was the hidden truth of the Ren dynasty. Such dynasty was never written down in history for evidence of such dynasty wasn't fully found. But its existence isn't deniable. What the world still hasn't discovered is the fact the Ren dynasty did have an effect in history...

   During the time when China was still separated within it's littler rules. A baby boy was born to kind nobleman‘s family. This baby was to later take rule of the largest part of China and create a new form of governing that will flourish with good being to all his people. This was later known as the Ren dynasty. This first King ruled this dynasty for a very small amount of time. During that time, his government grew larger in size. Which caused many smaller rules in China to become competitive, afraid of loosing this own land. With fear spreading across China, conflict was started and many smaller rules attacked the kingdom form different angles. Enemies grew by the thousands and the King had to have guards everywhere within the palace just to protect him and his family. With enemies slowly moving in on his land, the King's peaceful and ordered world soon turned to chaos. People around the King were no longer as loyal and trustworthy as he have thought, all turning away and betraying the King for hopes of taking the throne for their own. In his last call for help, the King advises that all his “loyal subject” to accompany him to one more hunting trip. Which was really the King wise happening to be able to eliminate the weeds from his real royal garden. This was the King’s last gift to his people and his family, hoping that his sacrifice during the trip will give his family a small but loyal group of people who will help to restore the Kingdom and save his people. The King’s death in return, left behind only a small number of nobles and officials but they were truly the loyal subjects who were to stay beside his family. Now it was up to the two princes to stop the invasion and to fulfill their father’s last dying wish, to restore the Ren dynasty! Will the Ren dynasty fall into the hands of the invaders and be lost within history? Or could the mysterious Ren dynasty leave a mark so big, it will soon be discovered and recorded as the beigest event in history?

   It is all up to you now! You will be playing the role of one of the few people who have stayed loyal to the Kingdom. Your voice will effect how history will be written. Your influence could help or change the fate of history forever! It is up to you now, to help choose Ren dynasty's next ruler. With the war between different smaller rulers of China happening as we speak, will your influence help China find the next King that will change history? Or destroy it?

Two princes... Two different personality... Who is the rightful King?

Choose a side and fight with them till the end!