• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is 13th Age.
  • This game contains mature content.
13th Age: Expedition to the Sun Falls
It seemed like a good idea in the cool undercroft of the Museum of War in Axis, where you and dozens of other hopefuls had assembled in response to a call for adventurers posted at every arena in the city. Take part a major expedition to a lost city somewhere around the Sun Falls, funded by a sponsor with very deep pockets. You thought you were one of the lucky ones when you were chosen.

Three days later, ten wagons, twenty mules, two dozen horses and fifty well-armed and dangerous mercenaries, adventurers, glory hunters and ne'er do wells left Axis  some tempted by the thrill of the unknown but most by the very generous payments due on completion.

Although lives were lost crossing the High Dock Mountains, the party encountered no serious difficulties at first, even managing to deal with the demon-warped creatures spilling out of Hell Marsh to the north into the Stalking Trees. Then, when the party were close to their goal somewhere the maze of steep-sized valleys and musty, liana clad trees in the hinterlands above the Sun Falls, the attacks started.

In less than one week a third of the party were dead, victim to poison darts, spiked pits, deadfall traps or simply a hand axe to the head. , It was three days before you even caught sight of your assailants - short, greasy-haired primitives with crude but effective weapons and unparalleled woodcraft

After three days trapped by a torrential rainstorm, while the scouts cast around trying to find the entrance to the hidden valley that they insisted was close, your camp was buried by a huge mudslide just after midnight. Even as the lucky survivors struggled free of the morass, a horde of screaming tribesmen poured out of the night intent in finishing the job.

The battle was a nightmare; a vertical river of rain, blinding flashes of lightning and wave after wave of mud-smeared tribesmen. Eventually, as the storm finally moves off into the night with the distant rumble of thunder, you look around the bloody battlefield and realise all of the tribesmen are dead, along with most of your comrades. The majority of your supplies are buried under tonnes of earth and all of the expedition seniors lie dead or dying.

The weather breaks and the forest steams in the new dawn. As the sun rises, the survivors see that the mudslide has exposed a previously hidden valley leading up into the densely forested hills, with signs of old statuary half buried in the undergrowth...