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06:41, 24th July 2024 (GMT+0)

Ashes of Empire

For a thousand years, the land of Pandarat was under the yolk of the Death Queen. Renamed as Vancumar, the land became the capital of her empire, from where her shadow spread east- and northwards, threatening the whole of the Free People.

Now she is slain, her crown broken, and her evil reign is at an end. Her former subjects have cast off their chains, and the realm of Pandarat is risen anew. Old religions have returned, surpressed traditions are thriving, and the old loyalties are being renewed. The great houses have reformed and, as in former days, are vying for control of the country, and for the revered mantle of River-King.

Sister-kingdoms and old allies have sent representatives and ambassadors to help with the rebuilding; former enemies have sent soldiers to strengthen the fledgling state, and to chase out the last of the Shadowspawn. Priests of foreign faiths hawk their blessings, and great banks strive for business.

It is a time of great political and social change, and whoever can paint the biggest mark on the canvas can achieve great power or wealth. Those who fail could face a dagger in the dark, or worse.

In the midst of this chaos, propelled by the mocking winds of fate, sails Don Marco de la Juan............