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Escape from the City State
The setting for this game is a small, infant settlement located in Judges Guild's Wilderlands of High Fantasy in a wilderness area south of the City State of the Invincible Overlord (CSIO). Clovers Point is inhabited by folks with origins throughout the known world. The town folk seek simple goals from peace and quiet to profitable businesses. All are united in their determination to carve out a life in Clovers Point and are willing to achieve those goals no matter the cost. While most, if not all, of the Townsfolk will be NPCs, it will be the groups interaction with them that will make the difference between not only the town's survival but that of each player character.

The background of the game is an extended Hack & Slash type of game revolving around the group's interrelationship with the village and the City State of the Invincible Overlord. The characters will be the local 'Heroes' that are always stepping up to save the village from the many foes that a small, remote village would encounter.

The PCs are fugitives from the CSIO due to allegations that were either true or false. I will work with each of you to develop this part of your backstory. In addition to be 'adventurers' and 'local heroes', you will also be contributing members of the local population. The mayor of Clovers Point will be aware of your past but not anxious to turn you over to the CSIO authorities, a situation that will also be worked out between each character and the mayor.

So, if you are interested in participating contact me through the games RTJ and we can discuss whether or not this would be a game that you would be interested in.