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Welcome to Fort Eastward Chronicles III: The Call of Duty (Adult P1)

14:34, 22nd May 2024 (GMT+0)

Fort Eastward Chronicles III: The Call of Duty (Adult P1)

This is a (now) classic 3.5 D&D game that very loosely uses the Forgotten Realms setting (mostly for Deities) to keep things simple. Characters begin at 3-5th level. The premise or theme to this game is that the party are akin to a SWAT team in service to a Count in his own city state. This game is for mature audiences only because it features adult themes and situations, strong language, and violence.

1. Do not apply if you are flaky and leave games or wait a week or two between your posts.
2. Do not apply if you have a problem being direct or being spoken to like an adult.
3. Do not apply if you have trouble taking this game seriously or have trouble accepting the consequences of your actions.
4. Do not apply if you want to play a lone wolf, a murder hobo, an edgy, emo, corner lurker.
5. And finally, do not apply if you insist on arguing or cannot otherwise let small mistakes slide.

ON the other hand...

1. Do apply if you like the idea of a series of smaller adventures that come off as episodes rather than a long campaign that takes forever.
2. Do apply if you like having a party that interacts both in and out of character.
3. Do apply if you like stories and characters that operate in shades of gray opposed to simply black and white.
4. Do apply if you are sick and tired of joining games just to see them crash and burn after a few weeks.
5. And finally, do apply if you are completely okay with normal, based characters over goofy race and class combinations that serve no purpose other than to number crunch out some sort of "optimal" build.

I hope this scares away the wrong players and brings in the right ones. :)