• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Free-form.
The Mysterious Item - aka - Bad Luck Prevails
You are part of a rag-tag bunch of bandits in search of a treasure, but you keep having bad luck at every turn. You have just gone to a fortune-teller, and she has told you that one of the members of your group is carrying a bad-luck charm. Now you have to figure out three things. First, who it is that is carrying the item. Second, what the item is. Third, you must convince them to get rid of it, because you have already all thrown away everything except that which you hold dear. In the meantime, there are other treasure-hunters looking for the treasure so you can't stop searching. Oh, and none of your items look suspicious, the fortune-teller just told you one of them is bad luck. Should you even trust her? Meanwhile, bad luck is plaguing you at every turn, making it hard for any of your plans to turn out right.
Good luck! Or should I say bad...