• This game is under the Sci-Fi, Apocalyptic & Frontier/Western genres.
  • The game system is Palladium RPG - Rifts.
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
True Atlanteans in the New West
The PCs will be brought together by the Atlantean Grand Council. It is a council made up of ranking members of each known, living clan to include the Aerihman. They have brought the PCs together before them for a mission. The council has, after many years, decided that a new and unified strategy regarding the vampire problem on Rifts Earth is needed. To that end, a group whose members were selected from across the Clans has been created. They will try to keep their true nature as Atlanteans concealed however if they are discovered, they will make every effort to give those they meet the impression that they are just another band of traveling Atlantean “do gooders”.

The mission is to go to Rifts Earth, the ancestral homeworld of the Atlanteans. Once there, they will travel through the American South West, heading for Mexico and South America. The goal is to gather intelligence on the region, especially with respect towards ley-lines, nexuses and potential locations for bases. Intelligence on the local populations with particular emphasis on those that could be allies and those that will be enemies will also be gathered. Both of those are secondary goals to the primary goal of determining the amount of vampire kingdoms present; their location, size, numbers of vampires and other military forces, their relations with the other powers in the area and if their vampire intelligence is on the planet. If so where is that intelligence located? The council considers this mission essential if any future collective operation to retake Atlantis and eliminate the vampire menace from Earth is to succeed.

All PCs will be 4th level. All must be an Atlantean or a race that is a traditional ally of the Atlanteans such as the Chiang-Ku or Amazons. Any OCC that is available to Atlanteans is allowed.

As part and parcel of trying to blend into the local population, the party will be given Rifts Earth equipment; Wilks and Northern Gun weapons and armor, suitable clothing, a mix of black market credits and precious gems/metals, etc. Vehicles such as robotic horses, hover bikes, ATVs, etc will also be provided.

The PCs will all be part of a traveling carnival that secretly acts as a mobile base of operations. As with the PCs, everyone in the carnival is an Atlantean or long term ally. The idea being that a traveling carnival won't attract much attention and give the PCs a "place" to rest, rearm and such between missions.