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Jacen Durrant

Height: 6'1"(1.85m)
Weight: 200lbs (90.8kg)
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
DOB: October 10th, 3077; New Rome, District 7
Position: Lt. General; Commanding Officer for the 12th Star Guards, Commanding Officer for 1st Regiment. First Knight of the Order of the Sword.

Callsign: "Solo"
Assigned Battlemech: Dire Wolf 'Excalibur'

In System Reputation +10

With only a little grey in his beard to betray his age, Jacen is a handsome if not intense looking man. Tall, at 6'1", and solidly built, it is clear that the General doesn't just push papers. In the rare times he is not in his uniform, he wear black trousers along with an old black leather jacket that shows signs of having several patches removed over the years. Strapped to his leg at all times is the red Gunslinger pistol that declares his abilities are not just in command.

If seen with his arms bare, a tattoo of a golden Cameron Star set on a set of black rings is placed on his upper arm and bicep. Surrounding the star in a ring are the words Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes in a red. Done in special ink, the tattoo glows slightly even in the light, and brightly in the dark. This is the famous 'Brand' of the Gunslingers, illegal for anyone else to have.

Friendly and personable with his aides and direct officers, the General is often considered slightly distant to the rest of his regiment when on duty, and his schedule leaves him little time he isn't on duty. The ruler of the Haddings System as well as overall Commander for all five of the 12th Star Guards' Regiments, heavy indeed weighs the crown as he has to constantly juggle the diverse needs of each regiment, the citizens throughout the system, and the ever tentative and strained relationship with the Republic of the Sphere. A true genius, something most believe came from his grandfather Orion Durrant, Jacen works day and night to keep the system and the guards protected and thriving.

This is to be expected when you consider his family's long service to the Guards, his biological grandmother was an officer in the Tank Corps, his mother was the Colonel of the 5th Regiment, and of course his grandfather was the brilliant Orion Durrant who developed the Star Guards unique Battle Armor. Colonel of the 5th Regiment himself before his ascension to the top rank, Jacen is a celebrated Mechwarrior with Gunslinger status as well as a commander, something he still strives to keep his edge in. He is considered a genius like his grandfather, though his passion and mind tends to be directed to strategy and combat, often seeming to space off before coming up with a solution to a tactical issue.

While rare to see him in action he is no slouch in personal combat either, though he rarely engages in unarmed styles, and it isn't impossible to catch him in the gym sparring with some of his officers with either swords or knives. He is known to have a slight rivalry with Colonel Griffin, who has made it known that she intends to defeat him with a sword one day.

General Durrant has two children, his daughter Mara and his son Kol, with Kol now a part of the 1st Regiment, while Mara joined his previous command of the 5th Regiment. He is married to Tira Durrant nee Magnus, a marriage which tied Aerostar and Kariban together, who currently sits on the Executive Board for Kariban Motors alongside his first cousin Charles Durrant.

The Gunslinger Tattoo

Assigned Battlemech:
General Durrant is the current pilot of the Dire Wolf "Excalibur", an Omnimech captured by the 5th Regiment in 3059. The Excalibur has only had three pilots, Colonel Jaina Moon, Colonel Carol Durrant, and General Jacen Durrant himself.

It has taken part of over 30 conflicts, including the conquering of Huntress, the Trial of Refusal against Clan Star Adder, the Liberation of New Avalon in 3067, the 1st, 3rd, 4th, and 7th battle of Chara, and the Liberation of Terra in 3078.