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Lyka Stone

Sergeant Major Kamala Lyka Stone
Height: 5'10" (1.78m)     Weight: 160lbs (72kg)
Hair: Auburn, with bleached streaks of blonde
Eyes: Blue
Birth: November 5, 3110; Olympus, District 7
Position: Firefly Squad Lead; Commander of Savage Platoon, 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment - the Black Dogs
Reputation +3

Tall and whipcord lean, Lyka's frame is tightly laced with muscle, devoid of any excess bodyfat, and everything about her from the eye-catching streaks of her hair to the predatory grace with which she moves seems intended to demand attention. Lyka prefers function over form in her attire, opting for standard-issue camo pants and cropped tank-tops on base, although she does possess a rather extensive collection of fashionable civilian attire to drag out on leave weekends. Given the choice between fatigues and a duty uniform, Lyka always chooses the former, and regardless of location - even in the Heart itself - her uniform always includes the standard-issue service pistol strapped to her hip.

Alongside her dogtags Lyka wears a silver-hued wolf's head pendant just like the one her brother sports, and a braided leather ID bracelet with the Black Dogs' logo (albeit with the old 'VI' company designation) is always on her left wrist. Close inspection reveals that 'ZEKE' is the name etched onto the pewter plate. An approximately 2cm hexagonal crystal of clear material shot through with strands of gold dangles from beneath the ID bracelet, its own thin cord of black myomer hidden by the thicker leather. Likewise never removed is the armband on her right biceps, a wave-like pattern of silver scales over woven myomer. In addition, she wears a trio of small gold rings in each ear - one of the left-side ones at the top - and a single silver-toned ring pierced through the outer end of her left eyebrow. The inside of her left forearm is permanently inked with a line of blood red Devanagari script, from elbow to the center of her wrist, and a rendition of a kestrel, in reddish-orange hues, is tattooed on the back of her right shoulder. Additionally, a blue drop of water surrounding an orange flame marks the inside of her right wrist, and - like Mick, North, and Sheridan - Lyka has recently acquired the Firefly squad emblem on the outside of her left shoulder.

Lyka is known to possess Areru, fourth blade of The Five, as the quintet of legendary vibroswords crafted by Angus MacLeod has come to be known. An unassuming blade save for the distinct dual vibrogenerators unique to The Five, Areru is one of the only two whose continued existence has been verified in recent years, having been brought out more than once for a Circle of Equals.

Graduating from the NCA in 3130, Lyka served with the 5th Regiment's Star Cats prior to being sent to join the 6th Company of the 1st Regiment as one of her home regiment's 'tributes' for the 3132 cycle. Since then, she has commanded her squad through multiple engagements against the Steel Wolves on both Northwind and Terra. With the expansion of the Black Dogs into the full 2nd Battalion of the 1st Regiment, Lyka has been placed in charge of a battlearmor prototype arrangement under Major Jack Forrest. Consisting of four squads of six troopers each, Savage Platoon is intended to operate independently within the greater battalion arrangement, without being tied to any one lance or company.

Lyka's tattoos:

Assigned Battle Armor: Kestrel Mk.IV, in Reaper Autocannon Configuration