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Jerome Rifter

Height: 6' (1.83m)
Weight: 195lbs (89.8kg)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
DOB: September 5th, 3106; The Garden, District 5
Position: Brevet Lieutenant; 1st Regiment, 3rd Battalion
Callsign: Sparky

Once just tall and slim, and now tall and well built from heavy training, Jerome prefers to wear his duty uniform whenever he is required, but slips into faded cargo pants and simple shirts and hoodies when he comes off duty.

Born on Haddings to an immigrant family, Jerome never planned to serve in the 12th Star Guards, he had more fanciful dreams of space travel unlike his older brother. When his father passed away in 3116, Jerome's brother Avery was already attending Military School in District 5, leaving Jerome to be sent to live with his Uncle, who had become a local merchant captain of a cargo Dropship. He got his start with technical skills working on the Dropship's various systems. While this way of life hurt his overall academic record, it also taught him that space travel wasn't nearly as fun for him as he had first believed. When he was old enough, he applied and was accepted to the Custos Institute of Trades and Technology, his aptitude scores gaining him admittence despite his spotty academic record. With encouragement from his brother, he began a course that would lead him to becoming a qualified Industrial Mech Pilot.

He began his career as a Diomede pilot, as there seems to always be some sort of construction being done on the planet, and was content with it for five years, when his brother was critically injured in a training accident. On his deathbed, his brother Avery made Jerome swear that he would look after his daughter Montana, and join the 12th Star Guards. Despite his lack of combat orientated background, with a glowing recommendation from the Aegis Subsidiary he piloted for, Jerome was accepted into the First Sword Military College, graduating with well rounded scores and gaining a position with the 'El Magnifico' combat engineer unit. He was transferred into the Black Dogs at their formation, and has proven himself to be an able combat pilot over the engagements the faced during the Republic Defense Campaign. Recently he has transferred to the Third Battalion, the Maulers, with a promotion to Brevet Lieutenant.

Assigned Battlemech: Scourge SCG-WD2