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John 'Jack' Forrest

Height: 6'3"(1.91m)
Weight: 220lbs (99.8kg)
Hair: Brown   Eyes: Blue
DOB: May 21, 3100; Olympus, District 7
Position: Major; Commanding Officer of the Second Battalion, 1st Regiment- 'The Black Dogs'.
Callsign: Spade
In System Reputation Level +7

Tall and burly, Forrest can definitely appear intimidating, especially when you consider his hard blue eyes and near black hair that lend themselves to enhance his scowl. In truth though, Jack has a rather laid back personality as long as no one is screwing up around him. Still, he is from Olympus, and carries the same arrogance and discipline as those there do, and expects at least a modicum of the same from those under his command.

When not on duty, Forrest is usually seen in blue jeans, shirts of varying colors, and a well loved black leather jacket. Strapped to his thigh with a low holster is the blood red Gunslinger Revolver, though he is known to carry a combat knife in his jacket as well.

If seen with his arms bare, a tattoo of a golden Cameron Star set on a set of black rings is placed on his upper right arm and bicep. Surrounding the star in a ring are the words Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes in a red. Done in special ink, the tattoo glows slightly even in the light, and brightly in the dark. This is the famous 'Brand' of the Gunslingers, illegal for anyone else to have. A fan of four well-worn playing cards is etched upon the inside of his left bicep, the stacked Joker, Queen of Hearts, King of Diamonds, and Jack of Spades an homage to the 'Pack of Cards' from his Academy days.

A rarer sight is his bare torso, as there are few times he goes shirtless among the unit, but when in a tank top or without a shirt, a tattoo over his left pectoral is visible. Done in a simple black, the design is a skull within a spade..

Though not a man known to wear jewelry, on his left ring finger now rests a black and silver band.

The Grandson of Major Edwina Forrest, Major John Forrest, or as he's often called "Jack" has a strong pedigree as a warrior, something that helped him settle in with the 5th Regiment especially. Pulled for duty with the 1st Regiment in 3122, Forrest found the opportunities offered in the still building First to his liking, and was has seen his star rise to Major, building up the Second Battalion (The Black Dogs).

He has more than shown his talent as a Mechwarrior, evident by the bloodstripes up his uniform pants, the large red revolver at his hip, and the symbol of being the first new Marksman in the 12th Star Guards in fifty years. However, the 2nd Battalion is his first large command opportunity, though the core unit of the Black Dogs having more than proved their mettle in Pride and Blood.

Recently returned from first Northwind, then Terra itself, while clashing with the Steel Wolves, Forrest is looking forward to the time to rebuild and restructure his command. The addition of Rowan Forrest, the daughter born while he was away, makes this a vital break after a year away.

Assigned Battlemech: King Crab "Knave"

The Gunslinger Tattoo

Jack's Tattoo

Jack's Ring