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Marshall Devon

Height: 6' (1.82M)
Weight: 180 (81.6kg)
Hair: Blonde/Gray
Eyes: Brown
DOB: August, 3082; Ciutadella , District 4
Position: Commanding Officer of the 7th Regiment.

Assigned Battlemech: Black Knight

Callsign: Earp

Tall and Slender, Marshall gives off a relaxed and easy going vibe, more jovial than perhaps any other Colonel of the Guards. While his hair is greying, he jokingly claims to have a few more years in him, even if in his day they had to push their Battlemechs to make them move. While he dresses in Fatigues while on duty, he rarely is seen without them, living on base in Leonto and keeping to himself when he is allowed to relax.

Descended from the Devon line who have served the Guards for generations, Marshall oddly wasn't expected to do the same. By the time he was born the majority of the Devon family had taken to farming the land in District 3, and rarely sent one of their own into service anymore because of how needed they were at home. Still, Marshall took to piloting his family's Aggromech early in life, and when the opportunity presented itself, he immediately enrolled in FSMC.

Climbing through the ranks, Marshall has made it a point to throw off the idea that the 7th are 'Green', pushing his people to win as many of the cross regimental wargames as they possibly can. When he was a Captain he was almost reckless in pursuit of this goal, but as a Colonel he has made it a point to push tactics and strategy with every one of his officers.