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Sevil Veril

Height: 6'7"(2.01m)
Weight: 291lbs (131.5kg)
Hair: Graying, what little there is of it.
Eyes: Blue
DOB: March 12th, 3078; The Garden, District 5
Position: Master Sergeant (Retired); Formerly of Alpha Squad. Owner and bartender of the bar 'Warriors'.

Almost always seen behind the bar of Warriors, Sevil is a massive bear of a man, and it is easy to believe he was once in the elite Squad Alpha of the 4th Regiment. The big man keeps in shape, especially for his age, and he tends towards button up shirts with sleeves rolled up to his elbows with a variety of different jeans.

Sevil used his retirement funds to buy and start Warriors, but he wanted the members of the newly formed 1st Regiment to have a place they could unwind without worrying about civilian groupies, challengers, or badgering. His one rule is that only active Service personnel are allowed into Warriors, and for the few times someone has tried to sneak in their date, he seemed to know the moment they walked into the door.