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Piper Evans

Height: 5'7"(1.7m)
Weight: 140lbs (63.5kg)
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
DOB: December 19th, 3107; New Rome, District 7.
Position: Sergeant; Head of the BA Technician Team assigned to the 6th Company, 1st Regiment.

Possibly considered pretty, though definitely disheveled and slightly grease stained, Piper is friendly enough to most people.

She is practically never seen outside of the bright orange coveralls, which are stained with black grease marks, that mark her as part of an Army Technician crew who service BattleMechs, Battle Armor, or combat vehicles. Piper prefers to keep to her Tech bar.

Moving into Richard Malak's position, with his transfer to the Maulers, Piper and her crew take personal care of the Kestrel Mk IV suits. Mostly because they are the only Techs rated to maintain the still prototype jumping system.

"I put that together after eighteen hours and five pots of coffee. I didn't build that, I made it out of caffeine and dreams."