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Frank Simms

Height: 6'3"(1.90m)
Weight: 203lbs (92kg)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
DOB: November 22nd, 3107; Kariz, Alci
Position: Warrant Officer; Tech Chief for the 5th Company's Technicians, 1st Regiment.

A big man, Frank Simms might be intimidating if he didn't constantly have a friendly grin on his face, slapping the backs of colleagues and warriors alike in greeting. Dressed most often in the orange coveralls of a tech, Frank is the first to jump to repairs with his men, and the last one out of the bay at night, leading to him usually having a bit of grease or gunk him.

Simms is obsessed with Battlemechs like Comstar is obsessed with Blake. Since the moment he first caught a glimpse of a Shadowhawk on the Shadow Cat animation vid, he has wanted to do nothing more than work with Battlemechs. Unfortunately, Simms was born completely deaf, and while he obtained an implant as a child, he will never be able to correctly pilot a Battlemech.

Instead he applied himself in school, working in the factory on Alci alongside his father to save money before getting a ticket to Haddings, and enlisting in the Guard's military in order to become a Tech. Given a promotion to Warrant Officer, he is in charge of the BattleMech specialist techs in the 5th Company, and directly responsible fort he repair and maintenance for 1st Lieutenant Cath's BattleMech.