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Alexander Green

Height: 1.83m
Weight: 80kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
DOB: Jan 15, 3108; Bazaar
Position: 1st Sergeant; Blue Sharks, 2nd Battalion, 1st Regiment
Previous Position: 5th Company, Second Battalion, 7th Regiment
Callsign: Flash
Attractive, Gregarious, Reputation: 4

Alex is an exceptionally handsome man in his mid-20s.  Like most mechwarriors, he keeps his light brown hair short and has enchanting blue eyes that have proven the downfall of more than a few young women.  While not exceptionally muscular, he possesses a remarkable quickness that serves him well in the cockpit as well as the sparring mat.

When not in uniform, he can generally be seen wearing casual clothes typically consisting of jeans, t-shirts and a well-worn black leather jacket.  When the weather is sufficiently warm he's just as likely to be seen in colorful board shorts lounging by the pool.

Alex displays an interesting dichotomy of emotions.  When relaxing he comes across as happy-go-lucky and a great guy to go out drinking with.  However when there is any sort of competition, whether it's in his 'mech, on the track, or at the air hockey table his competitive nature takes over.  That's not to say he's a bad loser, he just hates to lose and will compete to his fullest regardless of how important the stakes are.

Reputation +4
Alexander "Flash" Green has a reputation as an extremely gifted, and oftentimes crazy, mechwarrior pilot with a penchant for 'mech melee combat.

His time in the 7th Regiment saw him gain a small but loyal fanbase of Wargame fans. From earning the coveted yet unofficial moniker of "Rookie of the Year", to his total victory in the 7th Regiment dueling tournament Rumblemania, and numerous star performances in all the Wargames in between, his popularity grew.

Most recently he has become one of the public faces of the concluded Republic Defense Campaign, and one of the more visible heroes of the Black Dogs. This largely due to having conducted numerous interviews on various talk shows, and even giving a few high school commencement addresses. Add a number of exhibition duels at the Ring, and the result has been an increase in his fanbase even further beyond the "typical" mechwarrior groupie crowd.

Assigned Battlemech: Hercules HRC-LS-9AG2