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Harven Brock

Ht: 167cm
Wt: 65kg
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
DOB: September 18, 3112 (age 21)
Position: Sergeant; 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion, 7th Company (The Blue Sharks), 2nd Lance (Thresher)
Callsign: Cannonball

Previous Assignments:
1st Regiment, 6th Company (Black Dogs)
1st Regiment, 2nd Company (Tramplers)
4th Regiment, 8th Company (47 Rodents)

Harven is a short, but solidly built man. His skin is tanned, reflecting his upbringing in the Jungles of District 5. His outward demeanor wavers between stoic and mischievous. He prefers to give respect where it has been earned, but can be content with offering it where is it due as a matter of propriety. He will deal with those who outrank him politely, with fairly precise respect until he has a chance to get to know them better. The people who have earned his respect through direct observation or reputation are subject to warmer, more genuine treatment. If someone proves to be an incorrigible buffoon, he will revert to treatment of polite, precise respect in public and reserve his true thoughts for private.

Outside of his direct peers, he pays special attention to the technician crews that maintain and service the 'mechs, and battle armor operators. In the case of the former, they keep his 55 ton pretty, pretty princess death machine up and running smooth. In the case of the latter, they help to keep enemy battle armor from crawling all over his pretty, pretty princess death machine and scratching the paint. When he has downtime, Harven likes to swing by the tech crews and lend a hand. He's no lifelong study, but he can handle himself around mechanical, weapon, and myomer systems. Worst case, he'll play gopher for the pros, getting tools, parts, and whatnot as needed. The way he sees it, they make his job easier and it would be rude not to return the favor. Besides, techs know far dirtier jokes than mechwarriors as a rule. Individual technicians where Harven has been stationed occasionally find small, thoughtful gifts left for them by an unknown party. They are often personally relevant to the recipient and run the gamut from alcohol, pornographic material, or a hard-to-find box of someone's favorite smokes to nice socks (everyone who wears boots for a living appreciates the value of good socks), extra clothes for someone's infant, or (in one case) a book by someone's favorite author with a personal inscription from the author.

Harven is careful to be in proper, inspection-quality uniform when on duty -anything less would be unprofessional- and relaxes in civilian clothing which often runs in the opposite direction entirely when he's off duty and off base. Cpl Brock's boots are always polished, his uniform is always pressed, and he bounces a quarter off his bed every morning to make sure it's perfect. Off duty Harven likes fatigue pants and tank tops, while off base Harven prefers cargo pants or shorts (by weather, mostly), old boots or sandals, tank tops, and Hawaiian shirts. And, of course, no mechwarrior is complete without a spectacular set of mirror shades. They're the accessory for all occasions. Except, possibly, at night during a new moon. While training, he often goes shirtless, revealing his collection of tattoos that mark his history in District 5 and the Snake Eaters.

Assigned BattleMech: Grand Summoner (Thor II) "Twinkles"