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Gavin Becket

Height: 180.34 cm (5'11")
Weight: 78 kg (172 lbs)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
DOB: April 10, 3116; Valhalla, District 2
Position: Corporal; 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion
Callsign: Gypsy


While he once kept a clean cut look back in the academy, Gypsy let that go even before he was assigned to the unit. A blond beard has grown, while his hair is long enough that it's kept swept back by gel to keep it from being in his face. The effect, along with his gym routine that keeps him filling out, lets Gypsy pass for a few years older than he really is, keeping him from standing out as an obvious greenhorn. Usually he keeps a pleasant expression on his face when dealing with people, but he also hasn't lost that slightly sardonic tilt to it his smile.

When in civilian clothing, depending on the weather he usually wears either his prized black cafe racer with its almost dingy white accents, or a faded olive drab fatigue jacket that was likely picked up at a surplus store. A variety of shirts and jeans make up the rest of his wardrobe, some of a quality that elevate his look and make it easy to believe that he can get into nearly any club in the city. A heavy solid silver ring adorns his right ring finger, its round face carved into a compass rose, the Latin phrase Omnes Qui Errant Non Pereunt encircling the design. Sometimes it is possible to see a bit of black inked skin on his chest peeking out from a low necked shirt.

Those that have seen him in the locker room would know the full extent of that ink, the Cross fitchy with its three barbed arms standing out strongly against the paler skin of his right pectoral.

On the first Blue Shark bonding night, Gypsy not just linked himself to the others with a shark, but with the company itself, with a bold number 7 as part of his tattoo.

Purchased with his first paycheck, Gypsy is proud and possessive of his used Kariban Streetfighter. Purposely finding one with a brighter color than the norm, the yellow-gold body grabs attention whether the bike is in motion or not.