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Daniela Martinez

Height: 175 cm (5'9")
Weight: 55.79 kg (123 lbs)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
DOB: July 10, 3116; Los Isidros, District 4
Position: Private First Class, 1st Regiment: 5th Company
Callsign: Patience

Born in the poor side of the tourist town of Los Isidros, Daniela's youth was spent among the concrete and crumbling prefabs of the favellas. Bright paint colors couldn't hide the crumbling infrastructure of buildings not meant to stay up as long as they have. Growing up with 15 brothers and sisters, plus a fair share of in-laws, all living in the same walls of prefabricated concrete meant for temporary refugee housing gave her a drive to get out well before she was told she had the aptitude to be a mechwarrior.

A fairly tall and slim girl, Daniela has the deeply dark skin that is indicative of the Iberian cultures of District 4. Her close cropped hair shows that she shaves near her temples in the old style of mechwarriors, and there is an edge to her gaze that reminds everyone of her rather infamous tempter.

Her wardrobe has expanded since the days of the academy. Most of it is in a retro style that Daniela effortlessly pulls off, with jeans that cling to her and ride just above her hips with flared out hems and mostly cropped ribbed tank tops. There are a few other things, which she mixes and matches, and the occasional skirt for when she wants to go dancing. Her favorite pieces include the black leather belt that had the backside of a St. Benedict Medal for a buckle, that also serves for a leather sheath to contain the stilletto dagger her friend Lucius Cuu made for her. One thing that never comes off is a silver chain that holds a medallion of St. Michael, the symbol of the Guards on one side, the archangel on the other.