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Height: 6'2"(1.88m)
Weight: 198lbs (90kg)
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
DOB: June 21st, 3116; Olympus, District 7
Position: Corporal - 1st Regiment, 3rd Battalion, 9th Company
Lineage: Line of Sasha Artio

Callsign: Beast


Barely into his adulthood, Kalin is already tall and imposing, even if he lacks the sheer mass of some of his Athemas counterparts that carry Elemental genes in their bloodline. As an Artio, it's a safe bet that he's not entirely done growing, and will eventually pack another ten kilograms or so of muscle onto his frame, which will itself likely reach closer to two meters in height in a few more years. While he's partial to simple jeans and T-shirts when out of uniform, or black leather pants and like-hued dress shirts for nights out on the town, it's Kalin's bright blue eyes and long blonde hair that draw attention regardless of what he's wearing.

Along with the rest of his trothkin, Kalin participated in a celebratory 'bonding' experience prior to leaving Olympus for First Sword: a trip to the tattoo parlor. Now he sports a roughly hand-sized Artio bear upon his left upper chest, inked in dark blue.


Assigned Battlemech: Crusader CRD-SM2 'Mamluk'