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11:54, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Caleb Jernigan

Ht: 189cm (6'2 1/2")
Wt: 74.5kg (165lbs)
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
DOB: May 17, 3116; Leonto, District 3
Position: Cadet, First Sword Military College

Callsign: 'Disco'

Cadet Reputation: -1

Gangly and not entirely out of the pre-teen geeky phase that seems to have stuck with him much longer than most, Caleb ('CJ' to his friends) is often the odd cadet out. Not really cool enough to hang with 'the cool kids', he's good enough in classes (and the million-kroner machines) that he doesn't automatically get shunned... he's just never the first (or second, or third) cadet picked for team exercises, and his communicator isn't exactly ringing off the hook with date requests on leave weekends. In fact, he holds the ignominious honor of being the cadet with the longest streak of strike-outs with girls, even civilian ones.

...and oh, yeah, he's the guy that got Cadets banned from Club KOKO in Custos. Ask around. Someone will share the story. He's never going to live it down.

Theme Music? CJ's a Weird Al kind of guy. (Yeah, pretty much) (Because CJ wants to be SGIA)