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Santiago Schmidt

Height: 1.86m
Weight: 100kg
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
DOB: March 10th, 3116; Alci
Position: PFC, 1st Regiment, 2nd Battalion (The Black Dogs), 5th Company

Santiago stands at 6'1" tall, weighs a solid 220 pounds of almost pure muscle, and is built more like a battle armor pilot than a mechwarrior. He has rather expressive brown eyes and wears his brown hair short.

He rarely wears civilian clothes unless he's off campus, but when he does, he favors simple casual clothing that allows him freedom of movement.

His most obvious physical characteristic is a rather pronounced limp in his right leg. The reason for this becomes obvious when he's seen in the locker room or wearing shorts. His right leg just below the hip has been completely replaced with a gunmetal blue prosthetic limb. For those able to distinguish it, the leg is a Type 4 Advanced Prosthetic Limb Replacement.

For the most part, Santiago is easy to get along with. He prefers to resolve conflict as quickly, and painlessly, as possible and has no problems stepping in to mediate between others. He shows a remarkable tolerance for hardship and will often push through pain or difficulty when others would quit.

While he doesn't try to be overbearing, Santiago is a natural leader and will generally step up to that role if the instructors haven't already assigned someone or no one else seems interested. When leading, he's not a taskmaster, but rather attempts to ascertain the skills of his troops and find the best way to utilize them.