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Mara Durrant

Height: 5'5"(1.65m)
Weight: 125lbs (56.7kg)
Hair: Red  Eyes: Green
DOB: November 2nd, 3108; Olympus, District 7
Position: Lieutenant; 11th Company, 5th Regiment
Callsign: Jade
In System Reputation Level +2

While her size initially belies her presence, it is quickly apparent to any observer that Mara Durrant is not one to trifle with. While standing only 165 cm, all 56.7 kg of her body has been honed into a fighting form, with well-defined musculature. Her naturally copper red that most would call ginger has been dyed scarlet for years, and while it is often left down and free, when pulled back it reveals that she has both sides shaved in undercuts up to her temples.

Matching the casual nature of a standard uniform of the 5th Regiment, when on duty she is most often seen in the 5th's standard black fatigue pants, with a grey or olive drab tank, and a black leather military cut jacket that has her rank insignia pinned to its collar. When zipped up, it matches the duty uniform top nearly perfectly, including unit patches. Other times she might be in the standard olive drab jumpsuit, or her black and silver Armored Cooling Suit.

When off duty, more casual clothing comes out, all of it of expensive make and often is actually subtle armor. Black is a common theme however, with pants made of leather or a similar material, along with high neck and sleeveless compression styled shirts. Even when wearing fine dresses to formal functions where she acts more the 'General's Daughter', than as a Lieutenant of the 5th Regiment, she includes a set of beads that wrap several times around her wrist in order to form a bracelet.

Regardless of what she wears though, always around her neck is the silver medallion of Athena.

Also, when the situation permits, the large silver buckled belt that wraps around her waist has the addition of a pistol rig attached. A matte black and heavily modified laser pistol with burnished hardware, including a scope that ran down near the whole length of the emitter, rests in the holster at her thigh.

The daughter of General Jacen Durrant. The granddaughter of Colonel Caroline Durrant. The great-granddaughter of Orion Durrant. There was never any doubt that Mara Durrant would serve in the 12th Star Guards, though few realized how much of an overachiever she would be.

Dual baccalaureates in Military Science and Psychology by 19, a masters degree in Psychology at 23, and she is currently working on her doctorate in Military Psychology alongside a baccalaureate in Art History. All of this was done while in conjunction of her military career. She passed her Trial of Position to gain entrance into the Black Talons at 17. By the time she was 23 she had graduated OCS and began undertaking the trials to join the Mournful Knights. At 24 she was inducted into the Battalion and victorious in a Trial for command of the third Lance of the Blades of Cortana, just before her unit was deployed to Quentin as part of the Republic Defense Campaign.

Though she does not match the truly elite within the 5th in a 'Mech, her tactical acumen rivals her father, and her ambition matches. There is no doubt that she is meant for a command, and there is more than one whispered word that the General has groomed his daughter to be his heir.

Assigned Battlemech: BND-HR-CD Bandersnatch "Green Knight"