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Height: 6'0" (1.83m)
Weight: 176 lbs (80kg)
Hair: Black      Eyes: Green
DOB: June 21st, 3116; Olympus, District 7
Position: Cadet, First Sword Military College
Lineage: Line of Zedai Griffin
Callsign: Renaissance

Attractive, Gregarious

Possessed of an impeccable fashion sense that is uniquely his own, even in uniform Rafael's ink-dark hair is always expertly tousled, his green eyes rimmed with masterfully-applied black liner that adds a touch of androgynous appeal to his otherwise masculine appearance. On leave weekends, he's known to turn that look up to eleven, his meager cadet closet packed to the brim with clubwear expressly designed to collect stares and comments. It's intentional. In Custos, Rafael parties like there's no tomorrow, and is generally happy to take others along for the ride if they're willing. Just don't ask him to be sober before noon on Monday after a leave weekend, because that isn't happening, and don't ask him to go home with you, ladies, because that isn't happening either.

Perhaps not quite as large as some of his fellow Athemas, Rafael is still tall and well-muscled, his physique indicative of time spent in the gym or on the lacrosse field, although he still carries a lingering touch of baby fat that softens his features. In due course, when he stops growing and finishes filling out, he'll certainly attain the size his line is known for. In the gym or on the way to or from the simulators, when Rafael can be caught without a shirt, a large tattoo of a swooping griffin is visible on his left side. Inked in rich shades of amber and gold and deep blue, the wings of the creature spread beneath his arm, the design stretching downwards along his torso to end with the tip of a tufted tail at his hip.

With a wink and a knowing smirk, the Griffin can disarm even the most stodgy of his fellow cadets, floating easily between Athemas and naturalborn social groups alike. Although not 'friends' with everyone, Rafael is certainly 'friendly', and those that pay attention to the dynamics at the top of the cadet leaderboard would quickly peg him as 'the social one' of the four Athemas ristars. Not as purely hot on the stick as Amaya or Kalin, nor the equal of Alaois' cold tactical acumen, Rafael shines as the epitome of his House - a leader who exhorts his fellows to follow him as much through strength of spirit and charisma as through skill.