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Victor Mattlov

Height: 6'2"(1.88m)
Weight: 197lbs (89.3kg)
Hair: Dark Ginger   Eyes: Grey
DOB: September 13th, 3100; Ciutadella, District 4
Position: Master Sergeant; 1st Regiment, 1st Battalion
Callsign: Joker

Gregarious, In System Reputation +6

Embracing the callsign he has had since the Academy, Victor Mattlov is a jovial guy. Far more than most who have reached the rank of Master Sergeant, he is always willing to crack a joke at the expense of everyone, especially himself. This attitude has made him a favorite for wargame interviews over the years, and he has acted as a media darling in district 3 for nearly a decade. That doesn't mean he can't be the firm hand or fist that a senior NCO must be, and for years he has been the steady ship for the Burning Lions as they became a seasoning position for promising young officers. At 6'2", he's a tall enough that his 197 pounds can just barely fill out his frame, but its obvious that nearly all of that weight is pure muscle. A gym rat as a hobby, when he loses his joking smile and become serious, his musculature becomes a weapon of intimidation.

His birth was the result of one of the largest scandals in First Sword history, and his father Fredrick has become a warning story to the Athemas people about falling in love with naturalborns. Despite this, his life growing up was warm and happy on an orange grove in District 4, with a trio of younger siblings who have all followed his example to serve Haddings. This was no real surprise, for his grandfather is former Major Mathias Vuorela-Mattlov, the son of two Haddings founders, Heidi Vuorela and Alexander Mattlov. His pedigree shows too, as he is easily in the top ten list of Gunslingers, and a known equal to both Astor Karrde and Jack Forrest.

Part of the foursome that were the 'pack of cards' in their First Sword days, Victor remains close friends with both his fellow Gunslingers, and of course Major Sinclair Murphy. Not quite as wild in those days as his fellows, age and becoming a father have tempered him greatly, and he is known for his reliability and tenacity.

Off duty Victor prefers to wear average and affordable clothing. Jeans with a well worn set of brown riding boots, t-shirts of varying colors (though orange and black are favorites), zip-up hoodies with amusing logos, and when necessary a dark brown leather jacket over it all. On duty he always has the red Gunslinger revolver that is his badge of station, strapped to a wide black belt thats buckle is the skull head of a jester with a royal flush in its mouth. In uniform or not, always there is the golden band that sits on his left ring finger.

If seen with his arms bare, a tattoo of a golden Cameron Star placed on a set of black rings is placed on his right upper arm and bicep. Surrounding the star in a ring are the words Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes in a red. Done in special ink, the tattoo glows slightly even in the light, and brightly in the dark. This is the famous 'Brand' of the Gunslingers, illegal for anyone else to have. In addition to the Gunslinger Brand, Mattlov sports a small collection of more personal tattoos that may be visible - in whole or in part - depending on his attire. His left pectoral is covered with a large profiled skull wearing a jester's hat. A fan of four well-worn playing cards is etched upon the inside of his left bicep, the stacked Joker, King of Diamonds, Jack of Spades, and Queen of Hearts an homage to the 'Pack of Cards' from his Academy days.