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Ion Cath

Height: 5'11" (1.8m)
Weight: 170lbs (77kg)
Hair: Black      Eyes: Golden Brown
DOB: June 21, 3096; Olympus, District 7
Position: 1st Lieutenant; 5th Company, 1st Regiment (Ebon Hounds)
Lineage: Nyla Cath
Callsign: Ion

Attractive, In System Reputation +5

Once Captain of the Star Cats, 4th Company of the 5th Regiment, the Athemas known as Ion Cath is the epitome of what House Cath considers perfection. Sublimely skilled as a mechwarrior and holder of a doctorate in Hyperpulse Theory, he is as capable of holding an in-depth conversation regarding physics as he is one about the finer points of Zellbrigen or high-mobility tactics. A tinkerer with an insatiable lust for knowledge, he has racked up a great many useful skills over the years, most at least tangentially connected to the field of communications and battlefield sensors. Out of the cockpit or classroom, Ion Cath is known as a master combatant with a pair of House Cath's signature karambits in his hands, and the spiderweb lace of silvery scars that decorate his forearms are testament to the steep learning curve he conquered to reach that level. A skilled mural painter, preferring the large canvases of walls to express his surrealist style, he has recently taken up a new hobby: working on teaching himself the Mongolian language purely for the hell of it in his spare time.

Like most of his House, Ion Cath has been precisely genetically engineered to display a pleasing blend of ethnic traits. His skin is a dusky cocoa hue, his hair a warm black save for where the ends of his long dreadlocks have been lightened to a caramel color, and his eyes are golden brown and slightly upturned in a way that adds a touch of the exotic to his noble countenance. A neatly trimmed goatee and the precisely-shorn sides of his head highlight sculpted cheekbones and a refined jawline, the whole of his features symmetrical from head to toe in a way that skims the edge of the unnatural while still staying firmly inside the boundaries of what most would consider attractive. Acquired here and there over the course of the past decade, his single concession to the current trend of House-themed tattoos is having covered his entire back in inky-black tiger stripes from the nape of his neck to his waist. More fond of jewelry than ink, Ion Cath has collected multiple pieces over the years, the more visible ones ranging from sizable gemstone studs in each ear to the spiked horseshoe titanium nipple rings and a thick golden band that's a permanent fixture on the first finger of his left hand. In uniform, he eschews a sidearm, although he does wear an ER Laser Pistol on his hip when heading to the cockpit. In his armored cooling suit, uniform, or civilian clothes, he always wears a pair of razor-sharp karambits in a sheath at the small of his back.

His stride is confident, his bearing regal and intelligent without crossing into the realm of annoyingly all-knowing. A faint aura of vanilla and cloves seems to linger in his wake, remnants of the hand-rolled herbal cigarettes he is known to enjoy in the open outdoor places of the Heart.