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Anna Pearson

Height: 5'7"(1.70m)
Weight: 133lbs (60.3kg)
Hair: Black   Eyes: Dark Brown
DOB: March 9th, 3108; Custos, District 0
Position: Lieutenant; 5th Company, 1st Regiment (Ebon Hounds)
Callsign: Deluxe

In System Reputation +2

Formerly serving in the Strikers, Anna Pearson was Jack Forrest's direct replacement in that unit before its restructuring. Rated as one of the few Assault specialized officers, she was a natural choice to join the Ebon Hounds. She is known for her expensive tastes, preferring the finer things that she can afford as a Mechwarrior and officer. That doesn't mean she doesn't look for a bargain for those things. A golden Star of David hangs around her neck.