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Welcome to Battletech: The Dark Age (Closed)

11:05, 22nd July 2024 (GMT+0)

Battletech: The Dark Age (Closed)

The Grand Experiment of the Republic is failing, and Stone's peace has only lasted 50 years. It was fanciful imaginings to think otherwise really, as man never changes, and War? War never changes either.

To some though, the festering conflict caused by the HPG blackout is an opportunity, a moment of freedom from the oppression of peace. After all, what good is a warrior if there is no war?

The year is 3134, and you are a member of the 12th Star Guards, a band of once Mercenaries who still are strong, at least in numbers. What impact will you have on the universe, will it be worthy of praise, vilification, or will you not even make a footnote in history?

Opportunities abound in the Inner Sphere, especially when it is all about to fall into a Dark Age.