• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • This game contains mature content.
Legends of Excalibur 3.5 Edition of Dungeons and Dragons

Welcome to the Realm of Arthur, his Court of Camelot, and the spelendor of new realm united at last under his rule.  The brief shining moment of Arthur's Rule.
    I have decided to set this story/game in the classic image of Arthur, about mid 15th century.  So all the great equipment/armour/weapons are available.

   This game is set in the time shortly after Arthur is crowned and married at Camelot.  It is a game of chivalry, epic quests, political intrigue, striving for a balance of roleplaying and some adventure (read combat).  It is an adult type game with a certain amount of 'R' rated type violence and adult situations.  However it will not be the focus of the game.  It is intended for experienced roleplayers with a few years of playing under their belts.  I would like to have this as a combination message board and chat based game.  I will be setting up a chat room for maybe once or twice a month chat sessions to hurrry along action.  A lot can be accomplished in a 2-3 hour chat game!
   I intend to keep the party size small and use the character classes from the Legends of Excalibur E-Book, A Knight's Handbook.  It's $7 online if you don't have it (fairly cheap when you think of the amount it costs to see a movie and you don't get to keep the movie).  Other classes acceptable from the main player's handbook include: the fighter, rogue, barbarian, and druid* (druids are very important in the Celtic Mythology).
      The other classes including, knights, hermits, hedge wizards, enchantress, skald, fool, ministrel, priest and others (there are about 8 kinds of knights at the higher levels) are in the ebook.  If you cannot afford the ebook immediately, I can help you create a character, but it is easier if you have the book to look up the classes and make informed decisions.

I'm trying to keep the party small to keep the postings dynamic.  If I only have 3 players I will run the game.

contact me for details if you like

Overview of content:

New Core Classes
Pierce the veil of the future with the hedge mage and hermit; draw
your sword and make your stand against the heathen with the knight;
bond with the land and lead your people to victory with the noble;
serve the One God and wield power both temporal and divine with the
priest; live for no honor greater than a full belt pouch with the
robber baron; or master the ways of archery with the yeoman.

New Prestige Classes
Enforce the will of the One God with steel as a Crusader; combine
magic and beauty as an Enchantress; protect Britain as a Lady of the
Lake; seek the Grail as a Quest Knight; or follow one of five
different paths as a Spectral Knight, choosing to be a Black, Blue,
Green, Red or White knight.

Be judged by your deeds with an innovative nobility system that
replaces alignment; some characters will care little for their
personal honor, such as the robber baron, while others can gain
power from being pure of heart, such as the priest and the quest

Fate and Destiny
Choose a fate for your character, allowing him to perform truly epic
deeds on your chosen path to glory; but beware, your destiny, a
secret fate your character does not know, looms close as well.

A New Magic System
A unique spell point system replaces slots, allowing you to use the
spells you know and love from the PHB in new ways, with sources of
power that allow a character's spell energy to recover more quickly
on his favored ground. Depending on the type of magic you follow,
your source of power could be ley lines, mysterious stone circles,
cathedrals of worship, fog-shrouded lakes, or the holy land itself.

GM Hints
This section deals with all the big issues with running a game set
in the world of Arthurian legend: evoking the right atmosphere, new
rewards for players, and a guide to converting published adventures.

Statistical blocks for all the new core classes from the Knight's
Handbook are given through 20 levels of experience, DMG style.

Magic Items
New special abilities for magic armor and weapons, tied to the
Excalibur nobility and quest systems. Also in this section, full
statistics and descriptions of the items Arthurian legends are
famous for: Excalibur, the Round Table, the Holy Grail, and many

Guide to the Arthurian Age
An overview of Arthurian legend for the GM, with campaign tips for
each of the three main eras of play: Rise of Arthur, One Brief
Shining Moment, and Dream's End.

Guide to Arthurian Campaigns
This section is designed for one thing: make the GM's life easy.
From numerous short quests, designed to take as little as an evening
of play, to campaigns that could be the focus for months of game
play, this section provides plot hooks, and numerous NPCs drawn
straight from Arthurian legend to enhance the campaign and take away
much of the grunt work.

A selection of new monsters, as well as give the GM tips on what
monsters to include from published sources.

Charge Given to the Knights by King Arthur:

God make you a good man and fail not of beauty. The Round Table was founded in patience, humility, and meekness.Thou art never to do outrageousity, nor murder, and always to flee treason, by no means to be cruel, and always to do ladies, damosels, and gentle women succour. Also, to take no battles in a wrongful quarrel for no law nor for no world's goods.

Thous shouldst be for all ladies and fight for their quarrels, and ever be courteous and never refuse mercy to him that asketh mercy, for a knight that is courteous and kind and gentle has favor in every place. Thou shouldst never hold a lady or gentle woman against her will.

Thou must keep thy word to all and not be feeble of good believeth and faith. Right must be defended against might and distress must be protected. Thou must know good from evil and the vain glory of the world, because great pride and bobauce maketh great sorrow. Should anyone require ye of any quest so that it is not to thy shame, thou shouldst fulfil the desire.

Ever it is a worshipful knights deed to help another worshipful knight when he seeth him a great danger, for ever a worshipful man should loath to see a worshipful man shamed, for it is only he that is of no worship and who faireth with cowardice that shall never show gentelness or no manner of goodness where he seeth a man in any danger, but always a good man will do another man as he would have done to himself.

It should never be said that a small brother has injured or slain another brother. Thou shouldst not fail in these things: charity, abstinence and truth. No knight shall win worship but if he be of worship himself and of good living and that loveth God and dreadeth God then else he geteth no worship here be ever so hardly.

An envious knight shall never win worship for and envious man wants to win worship he shall be dishonoured twice therefore without any, and for this cause all men of worship hate an envious man and will show him no favour.

Do not, nor slay not, anything that will in any way dishonour the fair name of Christian knighthood for only by stainless and honourable lives and not by prowess and courage shall the final goal be reached. Therefore be a good knight and so I pray to God so ye may be, and if ye be of prowess and of worthiness then ye shall be a Knight of the Table Round.