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“I’ve never seen a skeleton,
I’m hoping not to see one.
But I hope that if I do,
That it will be a wee one!”

Erialar is a world just like any other. It has its nations, its wars and squabbles, and its fair share of trials and triumphs. In the northern reaches of the world, a tentative peace has been held between the former warring nations of Tycosia and Derevaan. Once enemies in a war of dominion, the truce established during the War of Green has lasted nearly a century after the threat of the Orcish hordes of the north had been defeated. Trade has been established, ties have been made, but still the tensions of old oppositions sit in the back of the minds of these country's citizens.

But as with all good things, this time of peace too must end. The threat, however, is perhaps something neither would have expected...