• This game is under the Fantasy, Supernatural & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is Changeling: The Lost (Homebrew/Simplified).
  • This game contains adult content.
  • The GM has marked this game as containing personal and intellectual property.
    If the GM leaves or deletes the game nobody else will be able to continue the game.
Mondlicht Garten (Changeling: the Lost)
Once upon a time there was a pretty young woman who lived in the city of Milwaukee with her husband and newborn baby.  Her husband was very handsome and very rich, for he was the son of a powerful attorney and a talented attorney himself who was being groomed to one day lead in his old Milwaukee family’s old and powerful law firm.  Her baby was very cute and very precious, and she was the apple of her parents’ eye and they doted on her and cared for her every need like good parents should.  They lived in a big, old brick house that overlooked Lake Michigan, and they were always very, very happy.

Actually, that’s not entirely true.  The young woman lived in a wealthy north shore Milwaukee suburb called Fox Point, but it was close enough.  And though her husband was very handsome and very rich, he also worked too hard and was rarely home, and when he was home he was very demanding and cruel and wanted nothing more than for his pretty young wife to look as pretty as she could, and to hang on his arm and dote on him, or go out to the homes of his partners so he could impress them.  And while their baby was indeed precious and very, very cute, she was a lot of work (as babies tend to be), and the husband hired a nursemaid for her so his wife could spend her time doting on the husband.  Though the baby was her one joy in life, she never had as much time with her sweet, beautiful baby as she wished she had.  But the lake view was very attractive.

The young woman grew discontent with her life, and wished things were different.  And one day while shopping for produce at a local farmer's market, the young woman met a beautiful and spritely Lady peddling the most exotic, succulent fruit.  And the Lady promised that not only were her fruit the most delicious in all the land, but they also could grant the young woman's wish to have a different life than the one she had.  Now the young woman didn't know how the spritely lady knew of her wish.  Nor did she believe that the fruit could grant her a new life.  After all such a power was ridiculous.  But still, there was a small part of the young woman that hoped, and the fruit did look delicious without compare.  And so she took the offered fruit and ate.

She vaguely remembered lying down on a bench, then, and had strange visions of walking hand in hand with the beautiful, spritely lady along a long, winding path through a Hedge of Thorns.  And when she awoke she found herself in a great garden alight in the glow of the moon.

There was no place in Faerie more beautiful.  Here, and nowhere else in Faerie or the world of mortals, did the trees and flowers of the garden grow under the light of the Moon rather than the Sun.  And such wonders did this condition produce—-flowers of such vibrancy, with iridescent glows alighting the garden with their otherworldly color; mushrooms and toadstools of every shape and size, from which speckled powders and fragrant aromas did pour; trees who stretched their branches toward the moon with all their might in order to bask in its loving glow-—it was the envy of all the Lords and Ladies of Faerie.

There was a Gardener there--a beautiful woman in her own right, but Mortal like the young woman.  The Gardener did tend to the plants and flowers and other denizens of the Garden, who like the young woman and Gardener both had been brought from the Mortal realm for the pleasure of the Spritely Lady.

For what seemed forty nights (there really wasn't much of a day in the Garden of Moonlight) the young woman did partake in all the delights of the Garden, which were offered freely.  The Spritely Lady took the young woman as a special pet as the Gardener looked on, and showed the young woman wonders and pleasures she had never before experienced.  The Gardener doted on the young woman as well, and showed her the secrets of the Garden and watched out for her in the more dangerous places lest she be carried off by some thing best left unmentioned.  And under the protection of the Gardener the young woman forget all her cares and danced and drank and enjoyed the great revelries and music of the Garden and it's denizens.  And she forgot all about her life in Milwaukee and her cruel husband and even her baby daughter.  She knew only the pleasures of the Garden and the struggles to keep the Spritely Lady's affections.

Then one day the gate to the Moonlight Garden was left open.  And suddenly memories of the long lost daughter returned in a flood after lying forgotten and dormant for so long.  More than anything the young woman longed suddenly to see her poor baby girl once again, and she couldn't for the life of her figure out how she could have left her precious daughter or been away from her all these nights.

The young woman managed to crawl through the Thorns and back to the land of Mortals.  She was tired and hungry and scared and wanted nothing more than to see her baby daughter.  But when she returned to her home her husband no longer recognized his wife, and another had taken her place, and her daughter had already become a young lady in her own right.  The husband called the young woman liar and tramp and far worse things and chased her off with a bat, and she was forced to flee or be beaten to death.

With no home and no daughter to return to, the young woman cried and cried like she had never cried before.  She would be hungry and cold and homeless forever, for she had no place in this world any longer.  And yet in her sorrow another heard her wailing and recognized her.  It was the Gardener from the Moonlight Garden, who had escaped from Faerie and the Lady like the young woman.  The Gardener, too, had lost her place in the world of Mortals, but would not return to claim her place in Faerie.  And so the Gardener did offer to make a place for them both, though neither had what they truly wanted they would at least have one another.

And neither of them lived happily ever after....

Welcome to Mondlicht Garten--Moonlight Garden--a game about mortals who were taken away to Faerie and who somehow managed to return.  Taste the fruit.  It has no compare anywhere else in the world.  Come inside through the Hedge.  See if you want to stay a while.