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Chronicles of Radagast
The Chronicles of Radagast the Brown
Based on ideas from fellow RPoL gamer Balthazar

     The Year is 2936 during the Third Age of the Sun. You are an elite group that has gathered in The Red Leaf Inn to join Radagast in his duty to protect the flora and fauna of Middle Earth from the ravages of evil. You will mostly likely risk life, limb, and love to hold back the tide of evil--an evil that most in Middle Earth believe is gone or forgotten, but the Keepers know better and remain ever vigilant against the threat.

     You are the Keepers of Kelvar and Olvar--an elite group dedicated to protecting and restoring nature wherever it is threatened. Keepers come from all races and all walks of life. Some feel the calling to protect their homelands. Others feel a stronger pull, which brings them to the attention of Radagast the Brown. You are such individuals. Radagast has issued an invite to each of you to join him at The Red Leaf Inn, his latest base of operations. You hhave made the journey and are settling in.