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"Did you bring it?"
"…of course..."
"Well let's see it!"

Two figures met at the edge of a wood. If there had been anyone watching a tall fidgety man would be seen talking to a cloaked and hooded figure. The man was dressed in bright colors but had attempted to cover himself with a dull cloak. It was his first time at cloak and dagger and if it had been any other night than a moonless one he would have been easily identified passing through the town to this meeting.

"Wait - what is this? I asked for something that would change EVERYTHING. And you give me… a box?"
"Well, well… FINE then." The man pauses and turns the box over and over in his hands. It looks harmless - wooden, hollow, covered in engravings inlaid with silver.
"So - how does it work?"
"…when the eldest son… takes hold the box… events will be set… to change your fate."
"And your price - you never named your price. I have with me fifty thousand gold - everything I could get-"
"… the time will come… when we will collect… what is owed us"
The dark hooded figure appears to shrink backwards into the wood - a thick fog pouring out from the black maw where its face would be, shrouding the area and its retreat in heavy cloud.
"Wait! That just makes no… no sense."
The brightly dressed man is left talking to himself holding a simple box inlaid with silver runes.
----------     II     ----------

That night the man showed his eldest brother, the current king, his new trinket - insisting that his brother hold it and examine the fine workmanship.
"Well - it's a pretty box, I'll give you that. But what does it DO James?"
"I'm not sure Jon, but I was told it would change the world..." a small grin eases on to the brightly dressed man's, James', face.
Laughing uproariously Jon is able to get a jab at his brother out between guffaws. "It sounds like you were swindled of a pretty penny brother!"
"We shall see brother… we shall see."
----------    III    ----------

A week later King Jon died from a severe fever. Or he was supposed to. In fact a lot was supposed to happen. An uprising, a repression, the death of a young maiden and a group of friends finding adventure as they ran from the false crown who claimed the throne in Cairn on Isle Baile. Something had happened beyond time and magic and what was supposed to have come to be was stopped. Perhaps those young friends were responsible. The box should have killed King Jon, and it would have, had he been shown the real box. Two elves made away in the stealth of night as James rode away on his horse. It was a simple nick - the best time to pick someone's pocket is when they would think such a thing were impossible. And this would have been one of those times if Dorian and Kayle Faye had not known where James would be making the exchange.

As they snuck away into the forest Dorian couldn't help himself.
"Maybe we should open it - I could show you..."
"You'll do no such thing - how our mother did not give you away is beyond me" Kayla's harsh retort was accompanied with a smile and the twins slipped into darkness.