• This game is under the Supernatural, Horror & Intrigue genres.
  • The game system is Vampire: The Masquerade; V:5.
V:5 Cleveland by Night

Cleveland Ohio. Once a booming manufacturing and industrial center for the Midwest and Great Lakes region has fallen into a spiral of economic and moral decay. Crime is rampant and the police and government has been plagued with corruption for decades. Most of the wealth has left the city interior choosing to move out into the surrounding suburbs, leaving behind an empty shell of a city. People and families still call Cleveland home, but the real rulers of the city are those of the All Night Society. The unliving Kindred.

The Kindred political landscape of Cleveland was unique among the domains of the United States. In 1966 under the cover of the famous Hough race riots, a powerful Gangrel Elder named Vassilis Demetriou supposedly assassinated the reigning Prince and turned Cleveland into an Anarch stronghold. With the backing of a booming Setite and Giovanni population, Vassilis swept the city clean of all Camarilla and Sabbat influences and declared himself the Baron.

The new Baron ran the city with an iron fist and even more powerful tongue, keeping the leadership of the outlawed sects from even bothering with the city. With no help from the outside, those belonging to the other factions gathered in secret, but often were the victims of raids, leading to scores of Final Deaths.

But, Demetriou's rule wouldn't even last into the 21st century.

1999 brought a lot of changes to the Vampire world, including the return of the once-thought-dead Prince and her supporters that unleashed total chaos upon the city. Baron Demetriou was destroyed and the leaders of his Anarch movement were hunted. The hidden underground collection of disbanded sects came out of the shadows only to see the city on fire once again. After months of open warfare, In the summer of 1999 all contact from any and all Kindred in the city went quiet.

Since then, it has been complete silence from within the city, save for a single message left on a SchreckNET forum one late winter night; from a long thought destroyed Nosferatu. It read:

I watched all of my friends and enemies die. I thought I escaped, thought I was safe; but they tracked me back here. They shouldn't have been able to enter here, but I can hear them moving closer. Stay away from this city, everything and everyone vanishes eventually.

Since that transmission on the eve of the new century, the neighboring Kindred domains have sent several scouts and emissaries to the city to try and reestablish contact and investigate. None have returned in over twenty years.

After giving up and declaring Cleveland a no-Kindred land; a recent Emissary arrived in the nearby domain of Akron; to announce a new Kindred Baron has laid claim to Cleveland. They proclaimed the city once again as an Anarch stronghold.

Still unsure about this news and looking for explanations for those sent to Cleveland and never returned; local Princes have decided to send a group of newly embraced Progeny to answer the call. Can this new Coterie solve the mystery of what truly happened on that Devil's Night and every night since or will they Vanish like the rest?