• This game has been marked for deletion.
Sailor Moon Destiny
Several years after the events of the Starlights series the Senshi have finally graduated from high school and are now pursuing their own lives.  With the battles of old behind them their powers have become dormant and the girls are now living "normal" lives.

With high school behind them and the rest of their lives in front of them Usagi and Friends have cast off their destinies to try and live a normal life.  Little do they know their normal life is again about to be interrupted.


High King Jadeite seeks the destruction of the Earth senshi, armed with knowledge from his past he begins to attack the girls directly.  His ultimate goal being their destruction. For it is they whom caused him to be imprisoned in crystal and they will suffer the same as he did.  With the rest of the Dark Moon out of the picture the ruthless tyrant has begun his crusade.  Seeking even more power some of his agents are sent to a far away world to steal a royal artifact, the Saigon Crystal.  During the coronation of the new queen the treachery is discovered and blamed on the Earth senshi, now a interplanetary war is in the making has the guardians and their queen have ventured to Earth to recover their missing artifact.