• This game is under the Fantasy & Medieval genres.
  • The game system is Free-form.
  • This game contains adult content.
Song of Ice and Fire: A New Game of Thrones

The centuries long Targaryen reign has come to an end, in a clash of steel against steel, dragon fires burning the earth.  After a long and bloody war, the iron throne sees a new king sit upon it, one of only the faintest blood of dragons, to be wed to the last living Targaryen woman.

Their fall did not come easy, but with many years of plotting and planning.  The men of the seven kingdoms watched carefully as the generations went on, and the fearsome dragons of the Targaryens grew smaller and smaller, less formidable.  So too did the Targaryens grow weaker, their minds either rattled with madness or inability to lead, a result many likened to their need to keep the bloodline pure.  Where once a dragon might raze four thousand men in a single roar of flame, now they were killable, King's Landing conquerable, as the Targaryen king fell to a sword through his chest, his life bleeding out over the seat of swords crafted by his ancestor.

But in Westeros, it is never quite so simple.  There are always those who vie for power, scheme to grow beyond what they have and aspire to more.  The end of one war is just a prelude to another beginning, one that would see new kings attempting to overthrow old, houses ally and betray.  In the Game of Thrones, nothing is ever how it seems.