• This game is under the Fantasy genre.
  • The game system is Pathfinder.
The City of Valarez
Welcome to the city of Valarez.  A city based around the ideas that every creature has a right to live within the city's protection alongside all others.  This metropolis is home to dozens of races and literally millions of citizens.  How this city-state came to be is still a bit muddled as even the ruling council refuses to clarify.  All the citizens know is that their once beloved Queen Mina is now second to King Elwin who showed up from the north with millions of his own people in tow.

The mountains to the west have starting producing a strange coal-like rock the newcomers call shadowrock and the woods to the east have begun to turn a sickly amber color near the center.  Is this the newcomers' doing?  Or is this what they were running from?

To make matters worse the radiers on the northern island have also found allies.  The only consolation Valarez has is that the millions now inhabiting Valarez far outnumber the bolstered raiders.