• This game is under the Fantasy & Strategy genres.
  • The game system is Wizardry! 3.0.
GM Playground & Brainstorming
Welcome to the Empire of Aryeon, where magic is real and dreams can become reality. That is, with enough effort and perhaps, a good roll of the dice.

You are a magi - one of the somewhat rare humans who have the ability to wield magic. Perhaps 1 in 1000 have this capability. Although of these, only 1 in 3 manage to become true magi of the empire.

In the game of Wizardry: Magi of Ayreon, players play characters known a Mage or Magi (plural). In this setting a Mage is a special human who has access to power and the ability to learn Magic. They have access to a pool of power within themselves, and with this knowledge and Power they cast spells, some small, some mighty, but all a force unmatched by the mortal world. What they do with this power is left up the individual.

There are currently only a moderate number of Magi at any given time in the Empire of Ayreon, and only the official Magi of the Empire are truly Magi; magic users of other races or foreign are considered heretics. The Magi are the magical arm of the God Child Emperor, and are considered active nobility by magical right.

From the ages of 7 to 10 children are screened for entry by the Order of Magi, and only about 1 in 1000 people have the potential for magical talent. Their memories of their family are erased. The children are sent to initial training until they pass a battery of magical, physical, and mental tests. Of the applicants, only about 1 in 4 becomes a fully fledged Mage's Apprentice, while others are either killed by the training, or never blossom to become a full Mage but become able to do minor workings as one of the "Talents."

This particular story will begin with those who have graduated from the intense training of Initiation, the specifics of which have been mostly forgotten. Instilled in them is the basic magical training they have received, and undying and unyielding loyalty to the Empire and God Child Emperor.

However...what you will do after this, has yet to be seen.