• This game has been marked for deletion.
[SWD] Wasteland Wanderers
Centuries in the past, the ancient world fell to ruin. No one living now seems to know exactly how the world came to be the way it is today.

The land is covered in ancient ruins and wastelands. To the adventurous, there are valuables and lost technology to be found--and junk--lots of junk, but many dangers await those who travel in search of fortune. Roaming gangs of marauders, killer robots, mutated animals and plants, and entirely new species present an ever present danger--not to mention nature itself and the need for clean water, unspoiled food, shelter from the elements, and weapons to defend yourself with.

Sure, there are decent folk about though--and not all of them are human, but you never really know when you first meet someone. Some of those beings may be friendly--or merely pose as such to rob you blind when you arenít looking. There are communities scattered about the land as well, but you donít know if youíll be welcomed--or attacked upon first sight. Even if they let you among them and mean you no harm, they might have strange rules, customs, or beliefs that you inadvertently break, or cause offense without even knowing what set them upon you.

So grab your weapons and supplies, keep your ears and eyes open, and keep your wits about you--and you might live long enough to grow old.