• This game is under the Superhuman & Contemporary genres.
  • The game system is GURPS.
  • This game contains mature content.
GURPS Supers: Empire City
A street level GURPS super heroic game. Expect at least one move a day Monday through Friday.

This is a world where masked heroes are not common, but they do exist.

In this world, supers are rare.

There were a handful of known heroes, largely of the mask and muscle variety in the last days of WWII. Whether any of them had actual powers was debatable. A few tried to help, when the troops came home, but there really wasn't a place for them openly. If they still served, they did it in secret. There were stories and urban myths about some cities that were protected, but that's all they seemed to be stories.

In the eighties, all of that changed. The Avenger came to Empire City. Initially, he was a story that criminals told of a shadowy figure that haunted the night and destroyed their well-planned heists. Police always seemed to know where they were going to be. The night of the fire at the high school dance was the night that the Avenger went public. A photographer at the dance snapped a picture of a costumed figure bursting through a window with an injured teen in his arms and another of the Avenger jumping back into the fire to rescue others. There were twenty cases of smoke inhalation, but no fatalities. And Empire City had Avenger fever.

Dr. Thanatos, the mad mage, made his appearance not too long after. He had a special hatred for the hero and the city that the Avenger called home, but the Avenger always managed to stop him.

In the early nineties, The Avenger started working with another, a Kid Avenger. They fought side by side for 10 years and it was thought that the Avenger was grooming his successor and finally retiring.

Empire City thought that they'd always be safe. But that optimism was destroyed 15 years ago, Dr. Thanatos rained destruction down on the city for days. The scars are still visible today. The Avenger fought him from one side of the city to the other. Hundreds died, thousands were injured, the property damage rivaled that of anything mother nature had ever thrown at the city.

Thanatos was broken and died in prison ten years later. Avenger was never seen again.

Kid Avenger became the Dark Avenger and has protected the city since.